GITA Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference!

Posted By Mark E. Limbruner, Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Show Will Go On!......

Join us in Houston this Autumn for the
27th Annual GITA Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference

This past week, the association received some some surprising news, when we were advised that our conference producer for the past 5 years announced that they had decided to discontinue production of “Pipeline Week” and allowed their contract with GITA to expire.

This came as a shock to the GITA Board of Directors and administration as plans were well underway for our annual event.

2018 marks the 27th annual “GITA Oil and Gas Pipeline Conference”. Our conference has weathered; (pun intended) two hurricanes, and averted a permanent shutdown over 6 years ago.

The loss of a conference producer will not allow this year’s event to be cancelled. The GITA board is diligently working to secure another event producer and plans are continuing for a conference in Houston this autumn.

In the meantime, the Planning Committee is continuing their work of screening and selecting papers, laying out an agenda, recruiting keynote speakers.

I view this as a dynamic opportunity for GITA to refresh an event that has become a long standing appointment on so many of your and our colleagues’ calendars.

The pipeline industry is facing tremendous issues at all levels from gathering, midstream, transmission and distribution. The ideas and solutions discussed and proposed at our annual event are key to overcoming the industry’s regulatory, environmental, and political challenges. The board is determined not to allow this event fall by the wayside!

The board of directors thanks you for your patience regarding this slight delay in our plans. We shall communicate to the membership the revised schedule and venue for the event.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] and I will personally address your concerns.



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